Flying high

Flying Gondolas

A giant octopus turns in circles along with the passengers. In each of its up to 16 long and convoluted tentacles, the octopus holds one “flying fish” which offers seating space for up to three persons.

Once the passengers are secured in their seats, they take control. Via joystick, they are able to move the hydraulically operated gondolas up and down, determining the height of their flight by themselves. Moreover, the passengers need skills.

The Flying Gondolas offers numerous possibilities for optional features. A fog machine cloaks the ride in non-transparent white fog. When the fog settles, the giant octopus seems to be emerging from the water. On request, we can install waterspraying figures that shoot water rays from the side to the center of the ride. An optional central ring fountain may also complement the ride. On this interactive ride, the passengers have the opportunity to skillfully maneuver the gondolas above or below the water rays of the spraying figures to avoid getting wet. Colorful underwater lighting will make the spectacle perfect.

The stunning look of this attraction and its custom-made features will surprise and entertain all customers, not only with our Nautilus design including the octopus but also with any other custom design.