Longevity as a core value

Sustainability at ZIERER

Nowadays, the awareness for sustainability and the environment is rising more and more in all business sectors. Especially in the mechanical engineering sector, where lots of steel is used, we face the challenge how we can design products and processes so that they serve not only the ZIERER company goals but also the protection of the environment.
In order to make ZIERER more energy-efficient and more sustainable, holistic strategies are necessary that have to be implemented and optimized along the entire value chain.

Despite of an energy-rich and resource-rich production, ZIERER applies various policies to support sustainability:


The source of sustainability lies within the selection of premium materials and careful handling. ZIERER has always been using high class steel and materials that have proven themselves over a long time. This grants a long life cycle of our rides. Many ZIERER rides have been in operation since over 40 years.

Renewable energy

During production, ZIERER accomplishes energy savings with the implementation of efficient technologies and manufacturing processes. The use of renewable energy within the entire STREICHER Group also contributes to minimizing our ecological footprint. Photovoltaic systems are already set up at various locations. On top of that, the STREICHER Group has three hydroelectric power plants and several block heat and power plants to produce power sustainably and locally. Today, the STREICHER Group and therefore ZIERER as well produces approx. 21% of its own power demand with renewable energy.


ZIERER is a certified company according to DIN EN ISO 140001 and DIN EN ISO 50001 and successfully applies an environmental and energy management system.


ZIERER implements innovative technologies and technical developments in order to decrease power consumption as well as emissions and to prolong the life span of our products. This includes for example the development of energy recovery systems for brake energy (e.g., for the Star Shape or the Wave Swingers) or the prevention of waste heat (e.g., for the Flying Gondolas).