The chase begins

Dueling Reverse Coaster

Nothing compares to this new ZIERER roller coaster, the Dueling Reverse Coaster! Get aboard on one of the trains and start the chase. The intertwining and narrow track development makes it seem that you can almost catch the other train. The race doesn’t even stop at the end of the track. As soon as the trains have reached the second lift section, the chase starts all over again – but only this time in reverse! This creates the dueling effect of the ride with the two trains chasing each other forwards and backwards.

The Dueling Reverse Coaster starts with the two trains being propelled backwards up the first lift section. Once they reach the top at a height of 14 m / 45.9 ft., they are let go and race down towards the course. Following the track development over tight turns and hills, they reach the second lift section, where they are pulled up again. Only this time, the trains race through the course backwards.

Safety matters! Therefore, the Dueling Reverse Coaster cars are equipped with a cushioned seat divider and a raised cushioned side arm rest. Additionally, the cars come with cushioned, individual lap bars with a grab rail to make sure that children and adults will enjoy their ride safely. Different ratchet positions allow the adjustment of the lap bars to the passenger’s individual size.

The Dueling Reverse Coaster comes with a great number of possibilities for a special decoration. You can either choose from a variety of standard train themes, e.g., airplane, mine train, Indian or pirate, just to name a few. Or we can customize your ride according to your wishes creating a unique and appealing roller coaster.


  • Kiddie
  • Family
  • Thrill

Technical Data / Dimensions

  • Footprint:
    Length: approx. 104.6 m / 343.2 ft.
    Width: approx. 50.2 m / 164.7 ft.
    Lift height: approx. 14 m / 45.9 ft.

  • Track length:

    approx. 244 m / 800.5 ft. (each track)

  • Max. speed:

    approx. 48 km/h / 29.8 mph

  • Capacity:

    2 trains with 10 cars for 2 persons each
    20 persons/train
    pph: 820