One ride, twice the fun

Multi Seating Coaster

One coaster, two different seating positions - the Multi Seating Coaster takes your visitors on an extraordinary journey. They can enjoy the full force of the coaster at the front on one of the horse themed seats or have fun in one of the regular coaster cars. Each seating position provides a unique ride experience which the passengers want to enjoy over and over again.

Everyone from the age of four is welcome if accompanied by an adult and from the age of six also on the front cars. The chain lift elevates the coaster up to 22 m / 72.2 ft. depending on the layout, where the riders will enjoy the thrilling chase at a top speed of 65 km/h / 40.4 mph.

With two different seating positions, this train is the perfect choice to create a themed eye-catcher in your park. Of course, the ride can be themed individually according to your wishes. Both types of cars are equipped with a hydraulic storage cylinder to ensure a comfortable and safe fit of the restraint system. At the station entrance, magnetic brakes provide a smooth slowing down and stopping of the cars to complete the ride experience. Moreover, the magnetic brakes are wear-free and save you costs.

Seeing, feeling, sensing – a ride for more than just one sense!