Amazing ride experience


Swingboats were yesterday. ZIERER’s Kontiki can do more. Besides moving visitors simply back and forth, the Kontiki rotates around its own axis.

On a 15 meter long track, this fun ride, named after a raft designed by a famous explorer, swings back and forth. Swinging height and rotations can be individually selected. The Kontiki’s operation program is adjustable to offer small children a gently swinging yet exciting ride but also to provide adult audiences with a tingling experience. Regardless of age, the Kontiki will make riders all scream with excitement.

Six seating benches offer space for up to 24 passengers. The size L variant allows the Kontiki to swing on a longer track of 19 meters length while the XL model, with eight benches of five seats each, will offer even more passenger space.

There are also numerous other designs beside the raft to choose from: A hollowed log, a boat and more. We at ZIERER will be happy to work out any decoration you have in mind. No matter what the design – a ride on the Kontiki will always be remembered by your visitors. There is good reason why the Kontiki is considered a bestseller among ZIERER’s amusement rides.

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