Electrical Retrofitting

From old to new

Apart from the complete restoration of amusement rides, ZIERER offers retrofitting of electrical systems, too. Older control systems can be technically outdated after decades of operation. This is due to the longevity of ZIERER attractions. Therefore, our After Sales team takes care of a complete overhaul of the electrical controls in order to facilitate a safe and failure-free operation for our customers. This is not only for ZIERER but also for third-party rides.

Together with the customer, we try to find the best solution between old and new while modernizing. For instance, a router for remote maintenance enables our service teams to have online access to a ride at any time and upon request in order to conduct troubleshooting for example. Together with our 24/7 emergency hotline, this is why our ZIERER After Sales is able to offer location and time independent support.

Depending on the requirements, we will execute a risk analysis, just like for a new ride, and set correspondent safety measures. In addition, our electrical department creates a new circuit diagram during the modernization. The client then receives this diagram together with all other documents digitally. After commissioning the ride, we also offer our clients trainings for operation and maintenance as an additional service.

Due to the electrical retrofitting, rides will become easier to operate. On the one hand, the troubleshooting will be facilitated and on the other hand, our service team is able to support fast and uncomplicatedly with remote maintenance. Furthermore, we renew and digitalize outdated documents.

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