More than a feeling

Advanced Dark Ride

ZIERER’s Advanced Dark Ride presents a rail-guided vehicle and track system which offers the possibilities for pitch & roll as well as rotating.

The ride can be realized in various track layouts adapting to the customer’s requirements. ZIERER offers 3 different layout models (S, M and L) with a total of 6 exciting stories which all were newly developed. The different models and stories can be used as starting points for discussions regarding technical realization and budgets. They are variable and interchangeable. The vehicles of the Advanced Dark Ride are approx. 3.5 m / 11.5 ft. long and 2.5 m / 8.2 ft. wide. Each vehicle has 2 rows of seats for 4 persons each.

Supplementary to the ZIERER technology, the vehicle also includes the complete equipment for the show that can be sub-delivered by any media partner, freely selectable by the customer.

For more information, you can find here a link to download our latest brochure on our Advanced Dark Ride.


Impressions of the first Advanced Dark Ride “Ghostbuster 5D” at Heide-Park Soltau, Germany