Amazing ride experience

Jet Skis

You don’t have to go to the sea to race on jet skis across the water. Offer your visitors some jolly good fun with ZIERER’s Jet Skis at your park.

Alone or in pairs, riders jet in six to nine gondolas around an island where the operator control panel is located. Centrifugal forces, generated by the rotational movement, drive the vehicles outward. The vehicles are carried in part by the rotation ring and by the water stream. This combination creates real waves and an exciting Jet-Ski experience.

Passengers take control and use a steering wheel to conduct the Jet Skis to the left or right. Slalom skiing is great fun and it creates waves to be navigated by the following rider.

Each gondola can be designed according to personal taste. Those who skilfully steer their gondolas may also squirt water at the onlookers. This spectacle will stir every water lover’s blood!

The Jet Ski water entertainment is a focal point in every park. By using a double facility, you can better satisfy the visiting crowds and at the same time increase the ride’s capacity.

Technical Data / Dimensions

  • Maße
    Operating area: min. 19 m
    Total height: approx. 3.5 m
  • Kapazität

    6 or 9 gondolas,
    1 adult and 1 child per gondola
    pph: 320
  • Fabrication in cooperation with Inno Heege GmbH
    Also available as double or triple unit!


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