Our Top-Seller

Force Coaster

There’s nothing like starting young: ZIERER’s bestselling coaster offers easy fast-paced fun for all age groups. With the Force Series even small children can experience the coaster feeling. Everyone from the age of four is welcome, if accompanied by an adult.

Friction-wheel drives elevate the coaster up to 9.5 meters. With a maximum inclination of 25 degrees and a maximum speed of 42 km/h, newcomers will learn to enjoy the thrill of coaster riding. The Force Coaster provides cushioned individual lap bars to ensure that children and adult passengers can safely enjoy their ride. Different ratchet positions allow the adjustment of the restraints to a passenger’s personal size.

At the station entrance, magnetic brakes provide a smooth slowing down and stopping of the cars. The track length differs between 70 and 450 meters; the number of vehicles varies between 6 and 14 per train, depending on the model.

There are a number of themes to choose from e.g. a family of whales, an Indian or pirate train, vintage cars or a mine train, just to name a few. All in all, the Force Coaster offers a great variety of different themes. Visitors will repeatedly queue up for this coaster drawn by the exhilarating ride experience as well as the ride’s appealing design.

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