From old to new

ZIERER puts great effort into the longevity of its rides. Nevertheless, the operation over decades can lead to signs of wear and outdated technology. This is why our After Sales team offers the mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and decorative restoration and even for complete rides. We prolong the life span and enable our customers to operate their attractions even longer and more sustainably.

While restoring a ride, our After Sales refurbishes upon request different parts like the hydraulics or the electrics or even the whole attraction and adapts it to the latest standards and norms. We determine the mechanical state with nondestructive testing (NDT) and other methods. The retrofitting will then be executed in compliance with the current regulations according to DIN EN ISO 13814.

In addition to technical and safety specific restorations, we realize complete optical refurbishments of our customers’ attractions as well. Either we can overhaul an existing decoration or we can also furnish the ride with a completely new theming according to our clients’ wishes. Furthermore, we offer the installation and checking of illumination systems or special effects that upgrade the ride even more optically.

A restoration by ZIERER ensures that rides are safer, more efficient, more economical and easier to maintain. Additionally, it leads to less time of nonuse and facilitates approval by the latest standards and norms. An optical upgrade with a new decoration and/or illumination further increases the attractiveness of the ride for you and your customers.

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