The ultimate adrenaline rush

Star Shape

The Star Shape’s name derives from its seat carriers mounted in a star-shaped pattern with five seats each. These arms turn in circles at the upper end of a a 28 m / 91.9 ft. long main mast. When the gondola cross comes to a halt at almost 30 m / 98.4 ft. height, the stars seem to be within one’s grasp. From up here, the passengers are able to have a bird’s eye view of the entire park and the surrounding landscape. However, this moment of repose is only short-lived. As soon as the gondola cross has rotated its full cycle at this dizzying height, the main mast nosedives while rotating around its own axis.

Yet, there is more to come. Each seat carrier also rotates 360 degrees while three different rotational movements spin the passengers around with their legs dangling freely. Riders will experience a great high from this enormous adrenaline rush.

A three times redundant safety restraint system returns your passengers safe and sound to home position. Their heads will still be spinning when they put their feet back on the ground. Simply watching makes you giddy and quickens your pulse.

With its impressive size and its elaborate tower lighting, the Star Shape is a landmark and a magnet to visitors. It certainly will be one of the most thrilling, if not the most thrilling, ride adventures your park has to offer.

Technical Data / Dimensions

  • Footprint:
    Length: approx. 21 m / 68.9 ft.
    Width: approx. 15.5 m / 50.9 ft.
    Height: approx. 27.7 m / 90.9 ft.
    Operating diameter: approx. ø 28 m / 91.9 ft.
    Operating height: approx. 29.9 m / 98.1 ft.

  • Capacity:

    6 seat carriers for 5 persons each
    30 persons in total
    pph: 510