A breathtaking ride

Tower Launch Coaster

Simply by watching, visitors will experience a rush of adrenaline. Riding on the Tower Launch Coaster with its high-banked turns and rapid dives is a test of courage. The inversions of the track will challenge your sense of balance. Those who dare will be rewarded with every thrill the coaster industry has to offer – from camelbacks over Immelmann inversions and corkscrews to halfpipes.

Fun and safety are the key concepts. Prior to every ride start, an integrated wear-measuring device, located in the station, checks the condition of the wheels. The restraint system, patented by ZIERER, keeps passengers in their seats safely. It allows for riding overhead without shoulder restraints and will offer your passengers an additional kick aside from the coaster’s speeding frenzy.

To ensure a comfortable ride at this tingling pace, seats are cushioned and shaped according to ergonomic standards. Five cars, with two rows of four seats each, are catapulted up into the air. A linear synchronous motor drive (LSM) shoots the coaster cars up on a 33.5 m / 109.9 ft. vertical lift. Once over the top, the passengers will experience a freefalling sensation during an almost vertical drop at nearly 90 km/h / 55.9 mph.

Your visitors’ minds will still be reeling once the magnetic brakes have brought the Tower Launch Coaster to a smooth standstill in the station.

Technical Data / Dimensions

  • Footprint:
    Length: approx. 126.1 m / 413.7 ft.
    Width: approx. 37.2 m / 122 ft.
    Lift height: approx. 33.5 m / 109.9 ft.

  • Track length:

    approx. 610 m / 2,001.3 ft.

  • Max. speed:

    approx. 90 km/h / 55.9 mph

  • Capacity:

    5 cars for 8 persons each
    40 persons in total
    pph: 950