More than a feeling

Our Wave Swingers

This best-selling all-time classic brings enjoyment to audiences at fairgrounds and amusement parks worldwide. Originally designed with a baroque theme, present Wave Swinger models also include a tortoise design and other individual themes for your park as well. Many manufacturers have tried to copy it, yet ZIERER’s Wave Swinger has remained unequalled to this day. This flying sensation fascinates young and old alike.

ZIERER’s original is a standard attraction in many parks all over the world. Passengers may ride on 40-seat or 56-seat models to heights of 12 meters. Eight double-seats offer the opportunity for two persons to ride together. Waterplays may further enhance the attractiveness of the ride. There is in addition the option of reversing the moving direction, which will let riders fly either forward or backward. The Wave Swinger’s elaborate illumination will also add to its breathtaking magic after sunset.

Along with its remarkable durability, the ride’s timeless beauty will make it a permanent feature in your park.

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