An amazing ride experience

Elevated Seating Coaster

Accelerating from 0 to 65 km/h / 40.4 mph in just a few seconds – getting on the Elevated Seating Coaster demands courage but it will reward riders with an amazing ride experience.

Send your visitors on an exhilarating journey: a chain lift elevates the coaster cars to a height of 22 m / 72.2 ft. Passing over the top of the lift, the Elevated Seating Coaster gathers momentum and races at a speed of 65 km/h / 40.4 mph through high banked twists and turns and over camelbacks in rapid succession. Screams are guaranteed!

The acceleration of the eight vehicles presses the riders back into their seats at 3.5 times their body weight. Cushioned lap bars, adjustable to the size of the passenger, allow for safe action. The riders will experience a condition of zero gravity due to the comfort of the ergonomically designed seats.

One of the highlights of the Elevated Seating Coaster is its heightened seating position. Higher seats will make the passengers feel even the slightest inclination more intensely and therefore provide a whole new dimension to the overall coaster experience.

The Elevated Seating Coaster is a high-end family coaster which can be operated with either one or two trains. So it always comes with the right capacity for either small, medium or large amusement parks.

  • Kiddie
  • Family
  • Thrill

Technical Data / Dimensions

  • Footprint:
    Length: approx. 66.2 m / 217.2 ft.
    Width: approx. 54.4 m / 178.5 ft.
    Lift height: approx. 22 m / 72.2 ft.

  • Track length:

    approx. 535 m / 1,755.3 ft.

  • Max. speed:

    approx. 65 km/h / 40.4 mph

  • Capacity:

    1 train with 8 cars for 2 persons each
    16 persons/train
    pph: 380