Zierer announces a new range of dark rides for amusement parks

After successfully installing the first Advanced Dark Ride System in Heide Park, Germany, with a custom developed ‘Ghost Busters’ theme, Zierer saw opportunities for bringing the power of a good dark ride also to smaller and medium sized amusement parks.

Photo here shows the ZIERER team presenting the model at IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona 2021

In recognizing the perceived complexity of such projects, we looked for ways to make this easier for the parks. We have asked Leisure Expert Group (LEG) from Amsterdam to create immersive ride experiences based on six different popular themes, for three different sizes of dark ride layouts.
LEG has created six stories, based on evergreen themes like dinosaurs, the wizard Merlin, farm life and Vikings, and also a more original story around music. LEG's experience design expertise, combined with Zierer's engineering capabilities resulted in the creation of three layouts, a small one with one vehicle, a medium one with four vehicles and a large one with seven to nine vehicles. In principle, each theme can be applied to each layout size. And here in Barcelona we present each layout with two of the themes described before.
It was also our goal to remain within certain budget restrictions, so that these attractions can indeed be affordable to smaller and medium sized parks as well. Many trends today show the popularity of Dark Rides, even some of the seminars IAAPA Expo Europe focus on this topic. With the Zierer highly dynamic track-based ride vehicles and the experience design expertise of the Leisure Expert Group, we present to the market this new range of dark rides.
These concepts are starting points for discussions with parks about a dark ride. We are open in the type of collaboration and the choice of partners for the execution of such a project. We welcome the conversation therefore please contact us for further information.
Photo shown here:
One variant of a dark ride model was presented at the booth of Leisure Expert Group (LEG) at IAAPA Expo Europe Barcelona last week (from left to right): John Ruisch (LEG Creative Director), Max Reims (LEG Client Expert), Jeroen Nijpels (ZIERER Sales Representative Europe & South East Asia)