Public opening of the Riptide Racer at Calaway Park in Canada

Calaway Park presented its newest ride to the public on August, 1st 2023: the ZIERER Jet Skis!

Is there anything better than surfing some waves on a hot day? As from now on, the visitors of Calaway Park in Canada have the possibility to do so because on August 1st 2023, the park opened its new ZIERER Jet Skis ride to the public. The guests can surf the waves of the person in front of them in a total of nine gondolas while at the same time, the big water basin also provides some cooling. During the ride, the passengers are able to maneuver their gondolas interactively with a steering wheel. This is why the Jet Skis offer great fun for old and young alike. We wish Calaway Park a successful season 2023 and we are happy to contribute to it.