A timeless classic with future

Electrical retrofitting for the Wave Swinger „Cannstatter Wellenflug“

[Translate to Englisch:] Control modernisation for the "Cannstatt Wave Flight"
Control modernisation for the "Cannstatt Wave Flight"
Control modernisation for the "Cannstatt Wave Flight"

There are moments and situations in life that recall childhood memories. This is certainly the case for many visitors of fairs and festivals all over Southern Germany when they see the Wave Swinger “Canstatter Wellenflug”. This Wave Swinger with 48 seats was built in 1976 and has been owned by the family Baumgartner since 1980.
To ensure that future generations are able to enjoy this ZIERER classic as well, there were some technical adaptions necessary after more than 45 years of operation. And no one was more suited for this job than ZIERER After Sales. The After Sales team modernized the controls of the ride together with renewing the main control cabinet and the main operator control console. Additionally, they added mechanical reinforcements to the structure and did a full testing of the components (non-destructive testing among other things). At the same time, the Wave Swinger received a hydraulic update in order to fulfill the requirements according to DIN EN 13814.
After several test and trial runs at the ZIERER premises and after the successful approval by TÜV Süd in April 2023, the ride is now ready to go again. The family Baumgartner can thus rely on ZIERER’s quality and service for many more years to come. ZIERER has proven with this once again that the longevity of our rides is one of our core values. Consequently, another project in the area of electrical retrofitting was finished.