Opening of Parc Spirou with attractions from ZIERER

On 1st of June 2018, seven ZIERER amusement rides set off in the heart of Provence

The schedule was tight from the signing of the contract in June 2017 till opening in June 2018 – Martin Weichselgartner, ZIERER managing director, is very proud, to have delivered seven rides right on time for the start of the season: three roller coasters, a Flying Flowers carousel, a Double Family Freefall Tower, a Wave Swinger and a Kontiki L ride. In addition, the park's first thrill attraction, the "Star Shape", will be opened to public at the start of the season in 2019.

To Daniel Bulliard, President of Parc Spirou, it was extremely important to work on this project with a strong partner – a partner, who despite unforeseeable difficulties and a challenging time schedule, is able to deliver high quality products in time. The President of Parc Spirou added that it is very likely that he will continue to work with ZIERER in the future.

The detailed article about Parc Spirou as well as the entire interview with Martin Weichselgartner, which were published in the “EuroAmusement Professional” magazine, can be downloaded here:

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Link to an interview with Martin Weichselgartner

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