New ZIERER Wave Swinger with 56 seats debuted in Liseberg, Sweden

ZIERER recently introduced a larger version of its famous Wave Swinger at Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The new attraction debuted End of April 2018, boosts 56 seats (8 double and 40 single seats) compared to 40 seats on the original version.

When Liseberg was considering what to do with its old Wave Swinger, because it had to be moved in order to make place for the new roller coaster that will open later this year, the park saw an opportunity to renew the attraction and increase capacity, instead of a refurbishment of the old attraction. Another advantage was that the decoration could be made completely new to fit the new environment – thus a wonderful ride called „Slänggungan“ with an impressive decoration has been realized.

We wish our valued customer Liseberg good luck and a great season!

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