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Opening of ZIERER Horse Coaster in OK Corral, France

On Saturday 2nd June 2018, a new ZIERER coaster called PIONEER was opened in the amusement park OK Corral in the French Provence, which represents an absolute novelty with its special train system.

In an attractive route with approx. 500 m track length and a height of max. 25 m, 2 covered wagons with 6 horses each at a speed of max. 65 km/h are on the trail to conquer Wild West. Per customer’s special request a train system with two different restraint systems was especially developed, in order to characterize a train in western design. Six horses gallop ahead with an extra newly developed restraint system, which pulls a covered wagon with six seats, but also equipped with standard ESC safety bars.
A unique coaster experience, depending on whether you sit down in the back or the front of the train.
We wish our valued customer OK Corral and the family Bembom good luck and a good season!

Horse Coaster