Round and round and round it goes

Children just love carousels

Spin n’ Play combines the concepts of themed playgrounds with that of carousels creating a new ride for the whole family.
It is going to be fun for more than 30 children and adults at a time. Up to ten figures will be equipped with four individually fitted seats making the landscape of Spin n’ Play a veritable jungle of colors and forms. Impressions that – given the altitude in which the young beholders ride – can even help to improve their depth perception. Seated at an elevation of roughly 1.5 meters above the main platform’s surface, passengers will be able to enjoy continuous rotation.

It can be freely customized. Be it a busy construction site, an underwater world, a jungle scene full of exotic animals or a picturesque village – we can make it happen. Everything can be adjusted to fit the chosen theme – even the seats. The main components of Zierer‘s Spin n’ Play are made out of painted and galvanized steel. The cover of the rotating platform is made out of high-grade aluminum. For maximum safety the platform is laid out with protective mats. Additionally – safety brushes secure the boarding area. This way Spin n‘ Play doesn’t have to stop whenever passengers of all ages enter or exit.

With Spin n’ Play Zierer proves that highest safety standards and maximum fun actually can go hand in hand.

Technical Data / Dimensions

  • Maße
    Diameter: approx. 9.8 m (incl. clearance envelope)
    Height: approx. 0.50 m (excl. decoration and clearance envelope)
  • Kapazität

    Seating for min. 30 children/adults
    Continuous operation


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